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Docs, Desktop & Downloads are both online and in regular (unlinked) folders on New OS...

Docs, Desktop & Downloads are both online and in regular (unlinked) folders on New OS...

New member | Level 2

I had to reinstall windows 10 to new SSD. I was able to get almost all my files back from the failing SSD.


When I installed Dropbox on the new system, I first chose to back up Docs, Desktop, & Downloads, then a few seconds later decided against it, then Dropbox froze, & I had lots of trouble with uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling for various reasons.


I discovered the content from those three folders was gone (I didn't know they were inside the Dropbox folder), so I re-copied the three folders back from the now-external old SSD. THEN I discovered that the SAME contents were in a Drobpox>My Computer folder. I deleted the latter. They disapearred again from the main folders.   I discovered the "main folders" were probably symlinks to the Dropbox computer folder. I removed the symlinks as best I could, and restored the three folders from the old SSD. 


And now I have Dropbox re-installed, instructed NOT to backup D,D&D.


But I see that Dropbox is re-filliing the same three folders into "Dropbox>My Computer" folder. Because.... (Light bulb) the old installation of Windows had PREVIOUSLY  been backing up the three D,D&D folders to Dropbox cloud.

So here's the situation: I have big D,D&D folders. Their contents are currently in my un-linked regular main folders, and COPIES are re-filling in over the internet to the Dropbox>My Computer folders.


Here's my questions.

> If I realize that I DO, after all, want to back up the three D,D&D folders to dropbox, How do I proceed SAFELY without getting everything DUPLICATED or LOST?

> Also, in this case, does it matter whether I chose Local or Online Only backup? 

> How can a backup be "Local"? Does that choice mean, backup online, but also keep locally?



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Re: After too much hijinks with disappearing Desktop & Docs folders... How


Hey, @LawManners, welcome to our community! 

Thanks for the great and detailed explanation of events. 

If your regular main Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders are currently complete (meaning all that should be there is in them), I would suggest getting rid of the ones that have made it to your account online. If and when you decide to back them up, you will be sure that you’re not duplicating or losing any version of existing files. 

The Smart Sync option of Online-only will store files online, but still visible on your computer. When you access a file for viewing or editing, it is synced down at that time. The Local option keeps everything synced and available at all times. Have a look here for more info, and keep in mind that this is different from Selective Sync

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox
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