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Downloading/syncing stuck, laptop is heating up

Downloading/syncing stuck, laptop is heating up

Helpful | Level 6

I uploaded 20 giga of photos/pdf-s to my Dropbox then I chose smart sync for those folders, wanted to have them online only.

Now everything slowed down and it says 'Downloading 10 files". I mean why? It uploaded everything and I chose online only. My laptop is heating up, slowing down; my workflow is seriously affected by this.

Last year something similar happened. I pay 20 euros for some extra service (smart sync) and everytime I would like to use it I have to contact support. I think I had enough.

I would like to ask others what other cloud storage provider you would recommend.

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Re: Downloading/syncing stuck, laptop is heating up


Hi @marianemes; thanks for posting on our Community and sorry to hear about this. 


While I won't be able to recommend any 3rd party app or service, I'll be glad to help with the issue you're having.


If you're still seeing high CPU usage on your computer, could you take a look at your system tray/menu bar and let me know what exactly is the app reporting?


Keep me posted! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Downloading/syncing stuck, laptop is heating up

Helpful | Level 6
Thanks, but no thanks.
Due to issues with the smart sync and the non-supportive support service I have decided to cancel my professional plan and delete my Dropbox account.
I uploaded 20 giga of photos/pdf and after that I chose smart sync online only. It got stuck forever, overheated my laptop and seriously affected my workflow. I had my laptop turned on over night, still nothing happened.
Since it was a weekend I didn't have any support and I had to find solutions by myself. After reading through the user forum I decided to reinstall my Dropbox. After that it renamed my original folder and started to sync and download into a new one. Now it is downloading everything again. It's going to take more than a day. To sum it up, it's going to be 4 days.
Dropbox chat support suggested that maybe my hard-drive cannot keep up with smart sync. Uhum.
No support, no help, no compensation. Just headache for 20 euros a month. I've had enough. I'm looking for alternatives and not copy-paste replies from Dropbox employees.
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