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Dropbox Video Player Overhaul


Dropbox Video Player Overhaul

New member | Level 2

I want to see the Dropbox A/V Player completely overhauled. 


I know. A bit drastic, huh? 


Don't get me wrong. I love Dropbox for transfers and backing up my a/v files, but for the professionals that use Dropbox to review graphics, videos, and audio files (and I'm totally generalizing here but I'm sure there is a silent minority out there that would agree) the a/v player is painful. When I say painful I mean clunky, slow, unresponsive. It feels dated. I feel like the media player slows down my reviews rather than making my life easier and allowing me to get through video reviews at fast speeds. It's hard to pinpoint/ click specific times on the timeline due to the players micro timeline size. Videos and graphics can barely load fast enough. I often put my videos on 480p to just get through what I need to do. It takes a second or two for the player to even start and stop. 


What I do love are the timestamps built into the note sections. If it wasn't for this I would abandon Dropbox completely when it comes to reviewing the work of my team and contractors. I also love the speed ramps too that allow me to speed through work, but even that feels clunky when I try to slow back down to normal speeds or when I try to stop the video. 


There is so much promise here for a space a/v professionals can review the work of the team/ contractors and it's such a missed opporunity to have a player to unresponsive, slow, and clunky that it usually adds time to my reviews than shaves time off. 


If I'm alone in this, that's cool. But if I'm not I would love to hear from other a/v professionals that review work on Dropbox. Is it ridiculous that this solutino would propel Dropbox to a whole other level for some of us?

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Re: Dropbox Video Player Overhaul


Hey there @spaunovski, I hope you're having a good day so far!


Thanks for all your feedback and details of how you're using this feature in your daily workflow, it's very helpful to fully understand what would be useful for you.


I could suggest to try using an incognito/private browsing window, or even another web browser to see if there any any improvements with the speed and responsiveness you mentioned.


Having said that, you're indeed not alone, as we've seen many around the Community who use Dropbox for the same kind of work.


You could check out our "Share an idea" section to see if others have already suggested particular features you'd like to see added, or even make some suggestions for features yourself. You can even check out Emma's tips for making posts there.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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