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Dropbox deleted all my files on my deskotp

Dropbox deleted all my files on my deskotp

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In October I installed Dropbox on my computer and all of my documents on the desktop got lost.


Since then, I exchanged some emails with the support team but we couldn't operate because I cannot opened the tickets neither. Please contact me again by email, I tried to answer to the last support email of Iliana but an automatic message answers:


Ticket #12045869: screen recording


Thanks for reaching out to Dropbox support. Replies to this email are routed to an unmonitored inbox and will not be answered by our support team.

Your technical support options depend on what kind of account you have. To see the support options for your account, log in and go to

In the meantime, why not check out our help centre at for FAQs, how-to articles and more or why not reach out to our Dropbox community where you can get answers and discover new ways to use Dropbox.

The Dropbox Support team

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Re: Dropbox deleted all my files on my deskotp

Hi @valpugl, thanks for posting today!

I can see that you were in contact with a specialist team regarding this matter.

I've sent you an email, please could you reply to it as soon as possible so that I can forward it to that team again!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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