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Dropbox on laptop didn't sync to cloud/web?

Dropbox on laptop didn't sync to cloud/web?

New member | Level 2

I have been using dropbox for 10 years.  I have been saving to a dropbox folder on my laptop finder/desktop for several years now, and just used it a few weeks ago.  I just tried to use it & the dropbox is no longer on my laptop finder, and when I look at the dropbox webpage, it seems that all my files from the last 4-5 years have not been syncing on the web/cloud.  My questions:

1) is it possible that I have been saving onto my laptop but it has not been syncing with my actual dropbox on the web/cloud?

2) How can the files on my laptop be deleted?

3) dropbox has been prompting me to upgrade and increase my storage for the last couple months -- could this be part of the problem?

4) Are dropbox files encrypted and secure?

5) I have a mac icloud account -- might there be a backup there?


Should I switch to using a different cloud based storage than dropbox? this has been very frustrating.


thank you for any tips!

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Re: Dropbox on laptop didn't sync to cloud/web?

Hey @MHo, let's see what we can find on this together!

As a first step, I would like for you to locate your Dropbox icon (on the menu bar, next to your WiFi), hover your mouse there and let me know the status of the app.

As for your questions: 

1) That could be possible for a number of reasons, such as: outdated desktop app, not enough hard drive or Dropbox space, saving content on a different path (other than the Dropbox folder), or not having the app installed etc. Can you share with me the steps you followed, when you saved your files?

2) Dropbox doesn't delete your files without your permission, or you causing it. I'd suggest looking at the type of files that have been removed and locate any third-party apps that could be causing it.

3) Definitely. If you don't have enough hard drive or Dropbox space, the changes wouldn't sync to the Website. You can check more here.

4) In short, yes. I'd suggest checking this Help Center article, which can give you a precise idea as to how this works.

5) If you use iCloud, and you stored your files and folders there, then it's worth checking in with Apple to see what you find. There is a chance that your files are somewhere in the device. Can you check for missing file names, using your Finder, and let me know what you find? 

Keep me posted!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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