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Dropbox syncs ALL folders, not just Camera Uploads

Dropbox syncs ALL folders, not just Camera Uploads

New member | Level 2

I want to sync one folder from my phone (android) to a dropbox folder on my laptop and app (windows). It's the default camera folder where all photos I take with my phones camera gets saved on my phone, automatically saved and uploaded on dropbox. Sounds simple, but no, it's not. 

I turn on camera uploads and it syncs everything. That's not a big problem, if it just respected the darn folders! I have a folder that's the default camera uploads where photos and videos taken with the camera gets saved. I also have a screenshot folder, a folder for saved snapchats and one with saved tik toks. 
The problem is that when I turn on sync camera uploads, it syncs everything into ONE folder! Why?! I don't want to sync my screenshots! Or at least not in the same folder as the other stuff. It doesn't respect the folders, it just takes everything and sync it all into one folder.

Every folder is by default. I haven't made any changes or created them myself. The apps makes a folder by itself, but dropbox doesn't care about or respect folders. I would love to sync them all, if they got saved in their own folders but I assume dropbox is too dumb to do that. So now I have to turn off videos to stop it from mixing tiktoks among my photos in that one folder. But the one option it has; sync camera uploads, doesn't even work as promised. 

How do I stop it from uploading all my screenshots, tiktoks and other folders as well or at least force it to do it by separate folders? Selective sync is just bu***. It's a joke, it doesn't work at all. And the "click the + and pair your folders" option I find online that seems like a good fix, doesn't exist anymore, at least I can't find it. On and off and chose photos and/or videos, that's the options you get for automatically camera upload/syncing. 

I've tried everything, I'm tempted to just delete dropbox for good and change to onedrive. So this is my last shot. Help?  

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Re: Dropbox syncs ALL folders, not just Camera Uploads

Hi @Hallow, let me see how I can help you with this! 

When you enable your camera uploads to be synced to your computer, that includes everything you see under your Photos tab that you see on your mobile app. 

If your videos and TikToks are seen there, they will also sync to the device. 

Now, provided that you see those other folders getting synced, have you tried removing them using your Selective Sync settings

Let me know more!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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