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Dropbox unexpectedly Quit

Dropbox unexpectedly Quit

Andrew C.81
New member | Level 2

My dropbox keeps quitting, the message says "Dropbox Unexpectedly Quit - Restart"

I keep on restarting but it just starts and quits again!

I have tried deleting the program and reloading but I still have the same problem.

I have tried re-booting the computer but still I have the same problem,

I'm using Mac Desktop with High Sierra.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I totally Cannot enter dropbox nor synch any files.

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Re: Dropbox unexpectedly Quit


Hi @Andrew C.81; welcome to the Dropbox Community.

I'm sorry to hear that our desktop app is crashing on your computer and thanks for sharing all the troubleshooting you've performed so far.

At this point, can you try a clean, advanced re-install and report back with your results?

If the issue persists, I'll need to check your device's logs so please let me know if it would be OK to use the email address that's connected to your Community's profile to open up a support ticket on your behalf. 

Thanks so much Andrew! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Dropbox unexpectedly Quit

Explorer | Level 4



After having this issue since 5/5/20 and emailling back and forth with Noah from Dropbox Support till 7/22/20 when Maddison from Dropbox Support toke over the case and i followed all givin steps and the problem was still existing my only option after 4 MONTHS was to reinstall windows and this worked for me. its a waste of time to wait for the issue to be solved by Dropbox, just ask your IT department to reinstall windows.



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