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Error (5xx) - attempting to open a file

Error (5xx) - attempting to open a file

New member | Level 2

Hi all, 


My business is new to drop box and file sharing since the start of the pandemic. All day we've been trying to open a collaborative Excel file we need for work via both Excel for web or Google Sheets with no luck. Everytime we attempy to open the file through either platform, it takes about 5 seconds to load before coming up with the 5xx Error. 


 Can anyone tell me what this error code means? Is there something else we need to install?



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Re: Error (5xx) - attempting to open a file

Hey @bumbleBdesign, I hope you're doing great today!

Is the file saved into your Dropbox account or your device, and how do you try to preview it? 

Feel free to send me a screenshot of the error you get on your end. It would provide me with helpful visuals.

Keep me posted.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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