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File Management

File Management

New member | Level 2

Hello Dropbox Friends, 


We are a multiple dropbox using office logging in from different work email accounts. We share all of our folders. 

With that foundation being set.

We have individual client folders that are in multiple places within our shared dropbox. 

Here is my dilemma.

When we UPDATE a client's folder we need the information to be updated in the client's folder in all locations. 

For example - we have the client's folder in three different places due to different programs that the client is involved with. When I edit a document in the folder, I need that document to update in the client's folder in all folders where it is located. The information is not exclusive to a particular program. 

I hope this explains what we need. 


Thank you in Advance. 

- Good Dads 


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Re: File Management


Hi there @Good Dads, thanks for dropping by. 


Although there's currently no option to update a file in three different folders in one go, you can have a look at this thread which proposes such a feature. 


There, you can upvote the idea and comment alongside other like-minded users. 


I hope this helps!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: File Management

New member | Level 2

@Lusil Thank you for your reply. 

I would think that they could make a feature that could operate to update files in all locations when saving changes to one.

That would be nice! 

Have a great day.  


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