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File recovers to 4 month old version and in version history - An error occurred while loading


File recovers to 4 month old version and in version history - An error occurred while loading

New member | Level 2

Hi there! 


I'll try to be as consistantly as possible


1) I have dropbox account for 10 years or so.

2) Free version

3) I have one very important Excel file with all my clients, tasks and so on.

4) Over 8 last years i used this file with dropbox Android app on all my phones. Asus, Several samsungs and so on. Editing with some Office kinda Android app and storing back to Dropbox automaticly. So it looks like

      a) opening dropbox app at Mobile phone

      b) choosing the file and tapping it

      c) preview window opens showing my excel file

      d) click edit button and file opens with Anroid Office app for editing

      e) save file in Anroid Office app and click Back button. Gets back in dropbox with new version of file.

      f) i've never opened files from Anroid Office app menu. Only directly from Dropbox app and dropbox file browser (or last opened)

      g) i've used it both with and without offline option (for ex to have acces to the file in subway without internet connection) no problems

5) for last 3 years i have Google Pixel 1 phone. With dropbox. And OfficeSuite mobile app. It works perfect as i described earlier. Open file from dropbox app, edit with officesuite, click save and version upgrades.

6) few weeks ago i've noticed strange thing - opening file with dropbox preview loads not the latest version. It's hard to notice usually as it shows first 30 lines of Excel file, and all the apgrades are at the line 260 and further. So in preview i've usually seen first 30 lines thats pretty ok, so click edit and work as usuall - file is full, latest version and so on. Save and open to add info, save and open. All my new info was there all the time in OfficeSuite app. I suppose once i had to just look for the last line in file, without editing. So i scroll the file in dropbox preview window. And find out the version is very old. (4 month earlier) I was shocked, but when i press EDIT in dropbox preview - file opens in OfficeSuite app fully upgraded with latest info. So i keep using it like that. I was looking for some way to Refresh Dropbox previwe window. No any succes. Than i decide to disable Dropbox preview mod, and no succes either. Why i had to open preview every time i need to edit the file(especially with wrong preview - old file)? But the only info i've found is list of files that dropbox could make preview of.

7) Having a jorney in a suburb with bad internet connection, i opened dropbox at my phone and noticed that OFFLINE mod for the file is OFF. As i remember for very long time it was ON, just for No internet case. I decide to switch it ON. Thniking maybe this could help refreshing preview info.

And next day my very main Excel file opens in OfficeSuite app with April 2020 revision. It's an August 08 today. At least August 06 file openes directly from Dropbox browser and was fully ok and up to date.

9) i tried to open dropbox site from Mobile phone Chrome browser. From PC Chrome browser incognito. From PC Microsoft Edge browser. In every case i had only one file version in version history. 26 april 2020. and An error occurred while loading version history error.

10) ive searched some info and tried Free Buisness plan, but it changes nothing in version history.


So all in all for last 100 days every day i've opened this file from dropbox app. Edit it with Office suite app. Saved. And it works fine. 2 days ago it opens like a charm.

I didn't make any criminal choises except activating Offline mod for this file. In case it was OFF - i suppose privious 98 days my file was fairly uploaded at dropbox server.


Hope to solve the problem and save important data!





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Re: File recovers to 4 month old version and in version history - An error occurred while loading


Hi @Wayland, thanks for posting on the Community!


I'm sorry to hear about the data loss in your Excel file.


There are two possibilities on why the file is only showing the changes from April. Either the OfficeSuite program you were using wasn't successfully saving the changes back to Dropbox, or the file you were editing was located on another account and is synced there.


Regarding recovering the version history, if the file was edited outside of 30 days, then it would only be possible to recover the older edit if you were on a Dropbox Professional or Business plan since that date. Upgrading to a Dropbox Business plan now isn't retroactive, so you wouldn't be able to restore that version if you were on a Basic plan until now.


I hope this helps to clarify matters. If you require any additional info, please let me know.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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