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First Install, Files on Mac messed up

First Install, Files on Mac messed up

New member | Level 2


So I did a first install of the app on my Mac, I have a filing system on my mac and I just wanted to store them and use dropbox for that. When syncing my files it reached capacity limit, so its stopped syncing and now all my files on my computer are all messed up and some are missing, basically its messed up my whole filing and folder system on my do I stop this?? I've tried to like unlink my account and try stuff, I don't know how to fix this and get my filing system back! One file even ends up in an endless loop of Files on Computer-Files on Dropbox- Files on Comupter- Files on Dropbox- etc. I'm literally beyond myself right now!

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First sync

New member | Level 2

So I downloaded the App on my mac, its started syncing up files but the account got full, there are 139 files just sat in limbo, I can't find them on my computer anymore and I can't stop the sync, how do I get my files back??

Re: First Install, Files on Mac messed up


Hi @SammiFletch, thanks for posting on the Community.


I'm sorry to hear about this matter. It sounds like you enabled the automatic computer backup feature in the Dropbox desktop application. Could you first try disabling the computer backup from Dropbox using the steps in the above article to see if this helps?


If there are any deleted files, try recovering them from the Dropbox site. If the missing files weren’t syncing to your account, then it wouldn’t be possible to recover them from the site. 


However, it might be possible to recover the files from the local machine from the recycle bin, or using a third party app or service to do so.


Let me know how it goes.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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