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HUNDREDS of things from a friends fb account transferred into my DB account

HUNDREDS of things from a friends fb account transferred into my DB account

Explorer | Level 3

HELP!!!  I was looking & "Liking" things on a friends facebook page when suddenly my computer (Macbook Air) started tweeking out & transferring literally HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of things from HER fb page into my Dropbox account!!!  Pictures (but in teensy tiny thumbnails you can barely see) & gobbledegoop (links via firefox with code type characters - with a URL -
file:confused face://Users/macbook/Dropbox/(2)%20Yoselin%20Bolan%CC%83os_files/_BK24K0o8n2.js

if (self.CavalryLogger) { CavalryLogger.start_js(["TXx0p"]); }

__d("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers",["JSResource","React","lazyLoadComponent"],(function(a,b,c,d,e,f){"use strict";var g;b("React");c=(a=b("JSResource"))("MediaManagerCodegenExperimentTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers");d=a("MediaManagerContentPostsTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers");f=a("MediaManagerClipsLibraryTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers");b=a("MediaManagerContentStoriesTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers");var h=a("MediaManagerContentInstantArticlesTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),i=a("MediaManagerContentPlaylistsTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),j=a("MediaManagerContentPostsTimelineTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),k=a("MediaManagerContentShowsTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),l=a("CreatorStudioGameShowsTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),m=a("SoundCollectionTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),n=a("MediaManagerFanStickerTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),o=a("MediaManagerHomeTab.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),p=a("MediaManagerInboxTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),q=a("MediaManagerInstagramContentPostsTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),r=a("MediaManagerInstagramInsightsActivityTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),s=a("MediaManagerInstagramInsightsAudienceTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContainers"),t=a("MediaManagerInstagramMonetizationBrandedContentTabContainer.react").__setRef("MediaManagerAllCodegenTabContaine

Anyone have any idea how this happened &/or what it is & how to get rid of it (do I have some sort of virus or hack to have made this happen??)?  I don't want all this in my Dropbox using space & potentially costing me a higher monthly fee - but I didn't delete it yet in case it would be needed to look into.

FYI - I'm a BIG Technophobe!!! 

THANX for any help!  

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Re: HUNDREDS of things from a friends fb account transferred into my DB account


Hi @SarongGoddess; welcome to our Community!


I'm sorry for the late reply; I just noticed that your post had been caught by our spam filter; probably due to its length. 


If you're still having issues with this, could you provide some additional information or even a screenshot of what's troubling you so I can advise further?



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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