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Re: Home screen - instant download option from recent files

Home screen - instant download option from recent files

New member | Level 2

I think this option existed, because I have been using dropbox for quite a few years, and about a week ago I just somehow run into this kind of frustration that I can't download my files from the home tab directly as a routine move. I might have mixed the menu with the files tab (as I have kinda busy days now), but I think I was using it like that. I use several computers at the same time, a Mac at work, a PC at work, a PC at home, phone for social media, laptop connected to 3D printer or at travel. Not all devices I use the app and sync, as Its time consuming to set up what to sync, so the web is handy, just to download something I need quicly. Like what I design on a PC, and want to 3Dprint from an other workstation... there are many many folders, so its very handy to see a summary on the homescreen, and just grab the last few files. But somehow I can't (anymore?). It took a while until I realised I have to click on it, open a seperate page and from the almost hidden (...) sidebar menu there is the download option... Then if I press back on the browser, of course DB home does not reload... I wonder if there could be a dedicated icon, or an option in the dropdown menu, do save files directly from the home screen - it would utilize its summary features to take actions immediately once I can share and connect with apps - I dont need those feature that often, not sure about others.
Even when I access the file from home screen there was a dedicated dowload button, now its hidden in a low priority menu, like it was a side feature. 
Thanks in advance taking it to consideration.


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Re: Home screen - instant download option from recent files


Hi @Pircho, thanks for reaching out to us. 


Out of curiosity, do you remember the last time you saw this? Were you using a specific browser by any chance?


Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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