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Large Video Upload Pauses on iOS/iPhone when it shouldn't

Large Video Upload Pauses on iOS/iPhone when it shouldn't

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I've been a Dropbox (and iPhone) user since the very early days.  Love the product and want to start using it for larger videos (we are on Dropbox Plus).  Photo Backup is on, upload videos is on, improve background uploading is on (and granted permission in iOS).  I have an iPhone 12 Pro. We have 100 Mbps download/20 Mbps upload cable Internet at home and 3 AP Google mesh WiFi that does not degrade our Internet speed (yes, I test that too).   I run the most current iOS (14.4), the most current App version (220.2), and have verified Allow Location Acces is set to Always for the Dropbox app.


Sometimes I take longer HD videos (2-8 GB) on my phone that I need to upload.  For some reason, I can go to bed (phone is plugged in and charging with good WiFi signal) with...say... 1.0 GB of 5.0 GB uploaded and then wake up to 1.1 GB or maybe 1.3 out of 5.0 GB uploaded.   I then open Dropbox, click on Photos and it will pick back up and keep uploading at maybe 50MB/min (<1 MB/sec, or ~7 Mbps).  I have observed this dozens of times over years of being on Dropbox (I think I've been a loyalist since maybe 2010?) Two questions based on what I'm experiencing:


  1. Why is Dropbox Video upload slow?  I want to use it for video sharing with friends and family but am not sure it's fast enough (I'd like to share it the same day I take it).  As an aside, I can upload a 1 GB video file to YouTube using my phone or PC in about 12 minutes.  With DropBox, it takes over an hour.  What can I do to speed it up?
  2. Why does the upload speed seem to slow significantly when the phone is off?  Is there something I can do to help with this as well?


Thank you,


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Re: Large Video Upload Pauses on iOS/iPhone when it shouldn't

Hi there @chrissos, I'd be happy to help look into this with you. 

In general, the speed of your uploads can depend on various factors, like the size of the file, the connection, other third party apps that may be hindering the upload, and so on. 

Since you've already done some initial troubleshooting - awesome work! - could you go to background uploads and toggle it off and on again? 

Let me know of any updates, and we'll take it from there. Cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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