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Re: Indesign links not working across Team

Re: Indesign links not working across Team

Explorer | Level 4

Hi Lusil

No errors on the Dropbox side of things. The issue is in the Indesign and Illustrator apps. Not sure what screenshots I could show – except the broken links dialog or icons in Indesign and Illustrator

When one user creates a document and links image or graphic files from our shared Dropbox, if a second user (on a different computer) opens this file the links are 'broken' and they then have to relink the files.

So my question is around whether this issue is to do with Mojave, DropBox or Adobe? Has Apple changed the way it manages file paths?




Re: Indesign links not working across Team

Thanks for getting back to me on this, Gideon. 
I’d kindly recommend checking this thread out, where more detail is provided as to why you may be experiencing this behavior. 
Although this doesn’t initially sound Dropbox-related, if you do exclude all other possible scenarios, or you detect that it’s a syncing issue, don’t hesitate to let me know and we’ll troubleshoot the matter a bit more in depth together. 
Cheers! :nerd:

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Links in shared files are broken and can't open linked files like Illustrator

New member | Level 2

I have been using Dropbox for all my files for one client for years. After they hired me and gave me an office, I would access those files from my new office, as well as home office. A problem arose because I didn't want to share all of my other files with work, so I opened a dropbox there with my work email, and shared just those files with myself. That has been working well for several years. 


The last week, things were a little wonky, but I also had a modem go out. I had to sign back in to dropbox after replacing it, but the accounts all stayed the same. They worked fine for a few days. Suddenly, today, I am in an InDesign document -that I was working in with no problem last night- and when I go to place an image, it says that it's not available. When I look at files in dropbox they look fine, but when I look at them by trying to place an image, every image in dropbox has a big grey X on the lower left hand corner of the naked* thumb, and it says "the file cannot be accessed by the system." (*by "naked" I mean, no thumb image, only generic image that represents what kind of file it is along with the title).


Is this a problem with Dropbox and the newest upgrade, Adobe, this filename answer here, or something else? I have a deadline. I'm under "stay at home" orders, and I can't seem to find the answer. Thank you to anyone that can help me troubleshoot this problem!


Ah, and 1 more item of note: All images that were placed in this document last night and before (from the same Dropbox), are linked perfectly, with no problem.


Dena "ArtistJoyful"

Re: Adobe Illustrator broken links on shared files

Explorer | Level 3

How can this be fix in an Apple OSX environment?


And Adobe Indesign doesn't have this issue. Should Adobe Illustrator be the one to fix this?

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