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Lost my desktop files...

Lost my desktop files...

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I used Dropbox a while ago but stopped because I didn't feel the need to use it anymore. So I uninstalled the app.


Last week, I did some cleaning on my mac, and erased a folder names "dropbox" but which was empty.


The morning after, I opened my computer to see that all my desktop files had disappeared. Nothing in my bin or dropbox's bin. I went to see Apple for hours and we could not find the problem on the core computer. I think it's from the cleaning I did. For some reason, the original folder "desktop" was on Dropbox (?) and I lost all my files by deleting this mysterious folder.


How is this possible? When I had no link whatsoever with Dropbox anymore? Is there any way to recover my files? Did it happen to somebody else?


I have a very negative opinion on Dropbox now...

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Re: Lost my desktop files...


Hi @emiliedfn, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


It sounds like you enabled the automatic computer backup feature in the Dropbox desktop application, meaning that the desktop folder, and possibly others, would have been moved to the Dropbox folder, which were then deleted when you deleted that folder. 


As you've uninstalled the desktop app, if there are any deleted files, try recovering them from the Dropbox site directly. It might also be possible to recover the files from the local machine from the recycle bin, or using a third party app or service to do so.


Keep me updated with any progress!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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