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Member sharing files lost link but kept now non syncing duplicate

KAlunchbox New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I have a folder shared with one other person.  Working normally, syncing on both directions, both using WIndows explorer on the PC to access, not online.  Without any action or warning we have realised that new files added since 2 days ago are no longer syncing, either way.  Yet the perosn sharing what was originally folder owned by me, still has all the files to that date, plus the new ones they alone have cretaed since, but not those created since by me.

On checking online the shared folder is listed as accessed 'only by me'.  Its lost the shared person, but randomly itself.  It has not lost other sharing on other folders to other people.

Annoyingly after trying reinviting the same person to that folder, it has relinked but not resynced.  Instead it has created a duplicate folder on their PC.  ie two live dropbox folders, with the same differences in the content.

What can have cuased the loss of a sharing in that way, and how could it have been relinked, without the need to identify all thefiles that have changed to update it all correctly, which is what we have had to do.  Fortunately it was noticed after only a o couple of days.  But I am worried its going to happen gain just randomly like this.

It seems strange that someone can lose their link to my files for no apparent reason, but then have kept their dropbox still with all those files at the time.  Does this happen a lot, why and how to solve?



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Re: Member sharing files lost link but kept now non syncing duplicate

Hey @KAlunchbox, thanks for the in-depth description! 
It looks like you’ve accidentally removed your access to the share & that’s why you couldn’t access it whereas your colleague could see it normally on their end. 
When it comes to the issue your colleague has been facing with the two folders, thia may have happened because they the new shared folder had the same name as the previous one you were working on. Since they had already stored that in their Dropbox account, a (1) should have been appended to the new shared folder name to help distinguish between the two.
You can have a look below on some possible reasons the folder has been unshared: 
  1. You may have accidentally dragged & dropped it outside the Dropbox folder. 
  2. You could have accidentally deleted the entire shared folder. 
Last but not least, you can also check on your Events page, where you can monitor any file additions/deletions/edits in shared folders. 
I hope that this is addresses your all your questions! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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