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Re: help

My account says it doesn't have enough space - but it's brand new?

New member | Level 2

My company sent me a link. I opened a new account and it says that I dont have enough storage. How is this possible? 


Why does Dropbox not have some that you can talk too???????

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Re: help


Hi @Nadine567, welcome to the Community!

Not to worry we're here to help - and you can also always reach us via our other support channels, here.

Now, your Dropbox quota is calculated based on the total contents of your Dropbox, which includes shared folders. If you are currently on a Basic plan, you have 2 GB of total available storage, and so if you were invited to a folder larger than that it would explain the error you are getting.  

If so, you can ask your company to share the content with you via a shared link, so that it won't take up space on your account. 

You can also review your account's space in the Plan tab of your settings. 

Let me know if this helps or if I have misunderstood and we'll continue working on this together. 





Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: help

Super Collaborator | Level 20

Hi @Nadine567,

Take a look here. :wink:

Hope this gives some idea.

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