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My files were uploaded all over the place

My files were uploaded all over the place

New member | Level 2

Apparently, I have misunderstood what DropBox is supposed to be. I have never looked at it as a Syncing product. I had always used it for file sharing. I recently had a hard drive filled up at work and needed to offload some photos and move them to my home computer. Well, after taking all night to upload a few gigs, I noticed that files were uploaded Willy Nilly all over the place, and images were being copied to the wrong folders and made it quite useless. I will be discontinuing my paid service and looking into using Microsoft OneDrive (or whatever they're calling it this month) from now on. This is ridiculous and not the first time I've been screwed by DB. I won't regret leaving, because I have wasted a ton of time and years of subscription money on a service that seems to get worse with age rather than improving. Goodbye DropBox... Maybe it's me and not you, but I seriously doubt it.

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Re: We want to hear from you

Collaborator | Level 10

Hi Mako Kid


I also use OneDrive for Business (have to for work) and Google Drive (for an upcoming court case, but already cancelled my paid subscription that will end early next year).


Do a test: compare the time Dropbox/OneDrive for Business/Google Drive take to upload the exact same files (say 100GB of various types of files) over the same Internet connection and you will be shocked. Dropbox must be like 80% faster. I did the test. More than once. Not LAN Sync. Normal upload. Always returned to Dropbox. It just works, and is way faster than their competitors.


Each to its own - for me, Dropbox is just way ahead. With the addition of HelloSign integration, Passwords, Backups, Vault, and the smart workspace desktop experience, it is a no brainer for me.





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