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Never-ending syncing of Final Cut Pro files

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


So I switched from Premiere to Final Cut Pro a month ago. The way that I work is that I have ALL the files of my business synced on dropbox because I use multiple computers on multiple locations that sync files at all times.

The problem is that Dropbox never seem to sync the Final Cut Pro library files. I still have a project from a month ago that is still syncing and haven't opened it in weeks. So now I'm starting to have a huge amount of files that are piling up in the sync.

I have a MacBook Pro 2018 and fairly good internet connections (200MB up and down). Recently I was keeping my computers on all day and night to see if they would sync the files but in the morning still 3000+ files needed to be synced. I'm aware that Final Cut Pro files are very big (2-10GB) but that shouldn't slow the sync that much. I'm used to uploading very heavy files all the time and it's usually done overnight.

This never happened to me and it's a big problem for my workflow. What's the matter with Final Cut Pro files??

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Re: Never-ending syncing of Final Cut Pro files


Hey there @davcoccio - sorry to hear about your syncing issue.

I'd like to gather some additional information at this point; just to make sure we're troubleshooting the correct thing.

Therefore, could you let me know the following?

1. The exact status of the desktop app as shown on the affected computer. 


You can always look at the Dropbox icon in your menu bar and see if it is done syncing. When Dropbox is fully synced then you should see a tick followed by the words “Up to date” on the menu.

If you do not see this then can you please let me know what the message being displayed reads?

2. Can you check if there are any symlinks that might be causing this?

To do this, on your Mac: 

a) Open your Terminal app (Located at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal). You can also search for "Terminal" using the magnifying glass at the top of your screen
b) Copy and paste the following line into the Terminal:

find ~/Dropbox -type l -exec ls -lah {} \;

This should give you a list of symlinks (if any) in your Dropbox folder and where they point to. The list the command provides shows you the full file path to every symlink in your account.

We recommend that you remove these symlinks from your Dropbox account which you should be able to do by following the file paths that are provided when you run the command, and remove the files in your Dropbox folder by dragging them elsewhere on your computer (if you don't want them deleted). After you've removed all of the symlinks you can identify from the Terminal command, please quit Terminal, open it again, and run the command again to ensure that no symlinks remain in your Dropbox folder.

More information on symlinks can be found in the following Help Center article, specifically Step 7:

Let me know what you find and we'll take it from there!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Never-ending syncing of Final Cut Pro files

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Hello Walter, 

The status of my dropbox is that it's Syncing about 2K+ files and it'll take about 20-30days.

I have thousands of symlinks all related to my Final Cut Pro libraries. It's impossible for me to throw them all out, first of all because there are too many of them and would take an infinite amount of time. And in the end when I'll open these projects, Final Cut will recreate these files for better performance.

I decided to move the libraries outside of Dropbox and see if that changes the problem. However, it is very frustrating that Dropbox cannot sync Final Cut Pro libraries well. Now I have to adapt my workflow based on this issue...

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