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New laptop sync problems on two accounts

Explorer | Level 3

I have bought a new laptop and added the dropbox app and my two accounts (the same setup I had on previous laptops). One is a plus account, the other professional i think

I use selective sync on both (I had smart sync on (which i had never used before) but when I first had the problem the support team suggested that was the issue (it wasn't ) so I switched it off on the web page. The screenshot below shows the situation before smart sync was turned off but nothing has changed now.

Basically, files aren't downloading (even the ones I am selective syncing. Even more worrying is that when I click on a file I get the error message box for "an unspecified error". Dropbox support tried to tell me this was normal operation and I just didn't understand the syncing process but id Dropbox says it is up to date and I can't access my file, that is an error. I can right-click on a file and select smart sync to make the file Local but I can't do that for thousands of files. Also why is that even an option anymore now I've turned smart sync off.  I hope that makes sense, thanks


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Re: New laptop sync problems on two accounts

Super Collaborator | Level 20

Hi @bobslay,

Probably Your problem is same as here. Unfortunately!


Re: New laptop sync problems on two accounts

Hey @bobslay, thanks for your detailed message & taking the time to attach the screenshot of what this looks like on your end! 
While you may be getting this error message upon trying to access Online-only files that haven’t been synced on your device, I’m wondering if you’re getting the same result for the same spreadsheet if you try to revert it to Local first (i.e. through your right-click settings) & then open it. Please let me know if this does the trick.
From there Bob, would you mind letting me know of your ticket# in your next post if possible? While I ran a search on my end, I haven been able to find any open requests under the account connected to your Community profile.
(Note: Your ticket number should be a 7-digit number, which allows us to look for your ticket on our system. You should be able to see it in the email heading that you receive as soon as you submit your request.)
I’ll be awaiting your next message, in order to check what’s happening together. Thanks in advance Bob! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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