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Please help! Entire Computer Gone!

Please help! Entire Computer Gone!

New member | Level 2

Hi All- 
Thank you in advance for the help, I really appreciate it. 

So about 4 weeks ago I downloaded dropbox to access some files from a colleague of mine, but I managed to sync my entire computer to it. I deleted dropbox and it no longer showed the files as being synced so I thought it was fine. 
Fast forward to this week and I go to move files- I realized any time I try to move files they become corupt and I cannot open them, so I look into the file location and it shows that I have a dropbox folder on my user account on my computer. So I went to delete it, and it deleted EVERY SINGLE THING on my computer, so of course I reinstalled it..
So my question.. How do I delete this folder without deleting all of my files? 
And follow up question- the files I have moved, any idea on how to make them viewable again? or will I need to rescan every one of them? (about 4,000 so I'd like to avoid that if possible)

Thank you again

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Re: Please help! Entire Computer Gone!

Hey @amberkennedy, welcome to the Dropbox Community! 

It seems you're referring to our Computer Backup feature. Am I right? 

Here's how you'll be able to disable the feature, and move all the content back.
As for the files you moved, can you clarify where you moved them, and the errors you get on your end when you try to preview them? 

Let me know what you find.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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