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Refresh policy is exactly wrong.

Refresh policy is exactly wrong.

New member | Level 2

Hello. I have a workflow where I frequently need to transfer files between desktop & iOS, then "look at" the item (PNG) as I compose a document in another app. 


A) When I have the PNG image open in Dropbox iOS app, and switch to another app, then upcoming coming back, it inevitably kicks me back to main menu, which causes a lot of extra clicks and wasted time.  Too twichy. 


B) Then, I had Dropbox open to a file list, and uploaded a file to this folder from the desktop computer. Dropbox didn't ever see it, and a snap back operation didn't change the display.  So I had to go back 1 or 2 menus, then come back, and it was there. Too sluggish.


I would argue the design is exactly wrong.  Switching between apps shouldn't trigger a "phone home".  And the refresh of a screen should be possible (work??) when looking at a file list. 

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Re: Refresh policy is exactly wrong.


Hey @Greg M. J. - let's see what we can do here. 


Could you check if you have background app refresh enabled on your iOS? 


As for the desktop app, check if the desktop app is running by locating the Dropbox icon next to your computer's clock.


If you find it, hover over it and let me know what it reads. 


Give me a shout whenever you have any updates for me, thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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