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Reloaded Dropbox

Reloaded Dropbox

Explorer | Level 3

I recently had Best Buy remove my hard drive and install a solid state hard drive. I had to reload Dropbox. I got it loaded ok, (basic install) then clicked to have it backup my files. It started to backup too much and ran out of space, not backing up certain files I wanted backed up. I am also having trouble syncing my iPad files with the new install. Should I remove Dropbox from my desktop and start over without doing any backup? Files on my iPad are still there and have not changed. I really don’t care about backing up anything in Dropbox. I just want my desktop to sync with my iPad. 

I am also having a hard time putting anything new on Dropbox.

Please help.


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Re: Reloaded Dropbox

Super Collaborator | Level 20

Hi @Brent4,

It's never good idea to use something you are not aware what exactly is. Could be something buggy or in beta evaluation, for example. In your case "Dropbox Backup" feature just puts in Dropbox folder particular standard system folder(s), what you have selected entirely (not part of them).

To turn the feature off, take a look on "Turn off computer backup" section in referred topic (follow the link). On step 6 choose "Keep content in folders on this PC/Mac", not "Leave content in Dropbox". Here your issue may got gone. 😉

Hope this helps.

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