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Renaming Folders without resyncing all files

Renaming Folders without resyncing all files

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  I use Dropbox Sync to backup dropbox on an external hardrive.  A while back Dropbox dropped exFat support so I have had to reimage my harddrive and sync all files back onto it.  I have had issues in the past with renaming folders.  Here is my question:


If all syncing is complete and I rename a folder on the Dropbox web interface, will it rename it on my harddrive without resyncing everything and/or renaming folders with the "selective sync" suffix?  I had issues with this last year but it has been some time since I tried it again.  I have a folder with 100's of GB's of information and want to rename it, but do not want to do so if it is going to require an entire resync of the data.  I just want to change the name.


  Let me know, thanks.

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Re: Renaming Folders without resyncing all files


Hi @bjmullins1990, thanks for checking in. 


Renaming a folder on the web will prompt the desktop app to reflect that change as well. 


It might check for changes that occurred to its files, but this should generally happen without necessarily syncing completely, since the files exist already. 


If you're concerned that a folder might get a selective sync conflict in its name, remember that this happens when you create a folder with the same name and in the same location as an unsynced folder. 


So renaming a folder on the web that you've selectively synced, won't have an effect on it on your device.


I hope this helps, but let me know if something else comes up. Cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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