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Screen Reader not reading Word Documents in Dropbox

Helpful | Level 6

I'm blind, and use NVDA as my screen reader. I have Windows 10, and use the Dropbox app on my PC.

and have been encountering an issue for the past several hours, where I am unable to read MS Word documents that are in Dropbox.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, without any change.

I have a transcription service, and my blind employees are having this same issue.


Strangely, this seems to be the only thing that is not functioning correctly.

I can read plaintext documents made with Notepad without difficulty.

I can also play recordings in Dropbox without difficulty.


Additionally, a sighted person can navigate and read through the Word documents without difficulty.

And if I move the Word document out of Dropbox and put it somewhere else, I can read and navigate through it without a problem.


Also, not directly related to this issue, that I'm aware of, but last night, a folder appeared in my Dropbox, entitled .Dropbox.cache.

Inside this folder, it says, “Icons, New Files, Old Files, temp-dirs.”

If I hit enter on these items to open them, I don’t find anything inside.

Other folders have also been there for the past several months, called Desktop and .Dropbox.

When I try to delete these folders, they just keep reappearing again.



Any help with this issue of not being able to read Word Documents with my screen reader, is greatly appreciated.

Konnie Ellis

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Re: Screen Reader not reading Word Documents in Dropbox


Hello @konnie

Thanks for reporting this issue and the steps you have taken to solve this. 

Seems like some folders are being re-added after you deleted them. I can help you figure this out. Where did you delete these folders from? or your computer device.

Another question for you. Can you read other file types you have in the Dropbox local folder? Is this issue only with Word files?

Dropbox cache is a hidden system folder, that the Dropbox desktop application generates, so you will not find actual files in there. I'd be happy to look into event history to help you delete the folders and know where they are added back from. 

To do this, I will create a ticket with you, using the email address associated with your Community profile. I can also forward the screen reader issue to my team to help with further with this, if that's OK with you. 

Let me know! 

Thank you. 



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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