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Sharing on different levels (mngmt, team, external)


Sharing on different levels (mngmt, team, external)

New member | Level 2

Hi all, 


we are currently doing an overhaul of our dropbox before the onboarding of a group of new team members (okay and because it was a jungle) but running into a few issues I havent been able to find any answers for on the forums. 


I made groups according to certain teams but per event or project we work with freelancers and suppliers who also need access to certain folders.

1. Management / 2. Finance / 3. Production / 4. Marketing / 5. Technical 


Where for example we have the main company structure 

A. Events / B. Consulting / C. Corporate / D. Finance / E. HR / F. Management


But here I run into problems. 


For 'Event X' in folder A we have

- a finance folder (shared to 1 & 2)

- production folder (shared to 1 & 3 and external freelancers)

- marketing folder (shared to 1, 3 & 4 and sub folders within shared to external parties like a graphic designer)

- technical folder (shared to 1, 3, 5, and external suppliers)


As you see management (1) is shared to all 4 folders, and production team (3)  is shared to multiple folders. 

However if I make sub folders shared to specific groups I can not share the main folder to management (and thus would need to invite them to 4 different folders each event, which makes it cluttered for everyone but the creator) and the production team can never see a main header with 3 subfolders but just the financial one shielded off, but also will always need three separate folders to access. 


This of course happens not just for events, but also for corporate, consulting, and with an external recruiter for the HR folder for example. 


So I have the following questions; 

1. Is there any way to make this more logical than having to share separate folders to everyone and it only being organized for the creator?

2. Is it possible to 'live share' (so not send the content and having to reshare it when updated) sub folders to external suppliers (like graphic designers) when they are not in the main group or folder? 

3. Is there a way to create a hyarchic structure that if a parent folder is shared it automatically gets all child folders and that there are separate share options additionally possible for each child folder? Because currently while testing if child folders are shared the parent folder can only be shared as a link. 

4. Is there a way to make people shared just to specific child folders still see the parent titles to keep it organized, just not privy to all content? 


Thanks so much, and if none is possible at least it might be a good checklist for the dev team haha


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Re: Sharing on different levels (mngmt, team, external)


Hey there @TessaS, thanks for reaching out to us here!


Just to clarify, are you currently using a Dropbox Business plan? If so, have you looked into using team folders at all?


With team folders, you can have much more granular control over the folder access on different levels, and restrict access to certain subfolders as you mentioned would be useful.


Team folders would also reduce the "clutter" of having multiple shared folders, as you can simply set the permissions on a per group/member basis for the subfolders.


This would resolve the issues mentioned in point 2 and 3 and the permissions for the subfolders are inherited from the parent folder, unless you restrict access to one of the subfolders.


Finally, for the last point you made, this is currently possible with the new team structure which you can check out more about here.


I hope this info helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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