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Simple UI Improvement

Simple UI Improvement

Rob the humble
New member | Level 2

I just want to let you know there are some things that really annoy me about the online Dropbox PDF and Image Viewer Interface.

There is a message that constantly shows suggesting to select an area to comment on. Please could you make this an option instead of having it as a continual distraction. I'm sure a few people use this feature, but I'm sure they don't use it very much.

Also, often when I open a pdf document, everything will be selected probably from clicking accidentally or something.
To get rid of the selection I usually have to close the viewer and open it again.

If you could spend some time to improve these features, us users would have more peace of mind.


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Re: Simple UI Improvement

Hi there @Rob the humble, I hope you're well today!

The prompt to select an area to comment on will only show when you have the panel open on the right to show the comments section.

Can you either collapse the right side panel with the ---> arrow in the top right corner, or select another tab (eg. "About"), to see if that does the trick for you?

This would also remove the selection that you'd see for the file too.

Let me know how it goes!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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