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Smart Sync is not freeing up disk space

Smart Sync is not freeing up disk space

New member | Level 2

The smart sync isnt freeing up hard drive disk space. See the steps below. .

1) I download files that increase storage space

2) Automatic smart-sync detects these files and says "syncing X number of files left...."

3) After finishing , the hard drive space does not free up.  


In addition to the above, when I select the download folder, I see multiple "green check mark" icons , even though it says "up to date" at the bottom taskbar when I hover over dropbox icon.


And finally when I right click on the individual files that display the green check mark, they instantly go from showing a check mark to the online only gray cloud icon, but yet, the hard drive storage again does not clear up after doing this. Also, the fact that it instantly goes from the green check mark to the cloud is weird in it self because if the file is local only , shouldn't it have some lag/delay in taking time for it to upload to since it does take a while to sync files in smart-sync after you download files 

Please help me with the above. 

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Re: Smart Sync is not freeing up disk space


Hey @gagohabid, wishing you a great Monday!

As a first step, can you check your desktop application's status, along with the version and let me know what you find?

It'd also help to look for both the logical and physical file size of the online-only content. You can do this by:

-Right click on a file/folder
- Select 'Get info' if you're using a Mac or "Properties" on Windows
- In the properties window you will see the original file size followed by the actual on-disk size.

For example: 428,510 bytes (but the content would take 0 KB on disk)

Let me know what you find!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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