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Smart Sync status for new files

Smart Sync status for new files

New member | Level 2

I want to use Dropbox for backups, and I don't want to have the backup on my local drive. For an existing backup, this is no problem, because I just have to open the context menu for the top-level folder and choose Smart Sync | Online only, which will be applied recursively. However, a backup will regularly have changed and new files. These are set to local by Dropbox.


I am looking for one of two solutions:


1. A way to make new files and changed but then closed files offline only by default. The default value in the Dropbox settings is online only already, but this setting is not applied to locally added files.


2. A way to set the Smart Sync status of files and/or folders programmatically, so I can do this automatically after the backup. I have searched the docs for the drobox and dbxcli commands and the API/SDK, but could not find what I was looking for.

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Re: Smart Sync status for new files

Hi @marco-eckstein, thanks for messaging today!

Regarding your two queries, currently, there isn't a way to make Smart Sync work in that manner.

Files added locally will always be local, until you mark them as online-only manually.The setting you're seeing is for files added via the Dropbox site.

Likewise, there isn't an option to programatically mark files as online-only.

If you wish, you can suggest this change for others to vote on, so the dev team can look into this in future!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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