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Some Folders are not accessible via iOS, iPadOS

Some Folders are not accessible via iOS, iPadOS

New member | Level 2

Hi all!!


I have an issue with some iOS apps. All Windows and MacOS machines are able to show and synchronize all folders in my dropbox root directory. Moreover, all folders are visible in the iOS "Files" app, and in the iOS/ iPadOS dropbox apps. My problem is that some folders may not be assessed from inside other iOS apps. For instance, the code editor apps Buffer & GoCoEdit are brillant, but fail to show about half of my folders. Another editor (Koder) is able to assess all folders, but exactly those folders which do not show up in the other two apps appear with a slight delay upon connecting with Dropbox. This thing happens for more than a year now. Both on the iPad and on the iPhone, even after reinstallation of these devices. I even deleted my entire online dropbox content and did a new upload running into the exactly same issues. And I do not at all have any idea what differentiates those folders that do show up from those that do not. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Or does anyone know some way forward? All best and a happy new year, Guido

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Re: Some Folders are not accessible via iOS, iPadOS


Hey, @tiemanng, welcome to our community. 

As all your folders and files are visible and accessible through our desktop and mobile app, and Files, it appears that things are working fine from our end, and I’m afraid that I can’t be of much help here. I would suggest running this by those 3rd-party app developers, and maybe even checking on their online community boards. 

I know you don’t see any differences between these folders, and the ones that do show up, but if I were you I would look for: 

- Any unusual or special character in the folder name, and perhaps in file/folder names contained within. 

- The actual location of these folders in your account’s hierarchy. Perhaps they are sub folders, and would work if you moved them up a level or two. 

- If they are shared folders (or contain shared folders), check their edit settings, and if they have been shared with you, or if you have shared them out to others. 


Anything you find I would also suggest running by those apps’ devs, as it may help them too. 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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