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Subfolder Issues: Permissions, Multi-Parenting, Shortcuts, Tags, and their Views


Subfolder Issues: Permissions, Multi-Parenting, Shortcuts, Tags, and their Views

Explorer | Level 3


Uh oh, we recently upgraded to business and discoverd a horrifying issue that multiplies another showstopper for us. To make matters worse, we see our issue closed on this forum without solution. We want to migrate from Google Drive, iCloud, and Wrike, but we're stuck with workarounds that prevent migration.


We have outline a proposed feature solutions set because we believe this will accelerate Dropbox to lead the way so we can all grow together. . .


1) Keep Open Issues Alive 


Why is an unresolved closed? (Rhetorical) 


Please don't close issues without resolving them. Please lead the way on our communication by maintaining open issues so engineers on both sides can track things efficiently. Please reopen, and merge if needed, with this comment for group reply until resolved with success. 


Sub-Folder Permission Inadequacy:

2) Subfolder Sharing and Restriction


Please allow us to share or restrict ANY subfolder of a shared or restricted subfolder using the waterfall method dictating inherited subfolder permissions as outlined in the above section (1) of this post regarding Keep Open Issues Alive.



3) Allow Multiple Parents of their Subfolder Children


Please allow us to add the same subfolder to multiple parent folders such that there exists a primary subfolder location and fully instantiated so that new permissions may be applied based on request (2) above regarding Subfolder Sharing and Restriction.


Migration Note


Google Drive opted to create shortcuts as a downgrade to their previous feature that allowed us to share a subfolder across multiple parents. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for us. While we have upgraded to Dropbox Business, we have not been able to fully migrate even as we place links back to Google Drive Files as a failed workaround. Please help us get away from the Tech Giants as outlined in sections [1-5].


File and Folder Shortcuts


While it won't resolve our problem entirely, we hope Dropbox adds shortcuts as a short term stop-gap. it seems like a feature that could be deployed rapidly based on the fact we can already folder URLs as files, folder URLs in Text files, insert URLs in projectiles folder Overview sections, and self reference URLs by share sheet or drag depending on OS. However, we also need full control of subfolder as outlined in the first paragraph of this section (3). So, please lead the way on subfolders like Wrike does with subtasks.


4) Colorful Private and Shared Tags


Please allow Tags from MacOS/iOS (Android, and Windows Explorer if possible) to be synced across all platforms (Mobile, Online, Desktop, and optionally shared users) so they may be navigated, shared, restricted, and mass acted upon. Please lead the way on bringing colorful shared, private, and restrict tags to our file systems. Please maintain this feature separately from the above requests as tags should not replace subfolder permissions, shortcut references, and multiple parenting of subfolder children.


Why not tag comments and allow for multi-media attachments to comments? (Rhetorical)


Imagine filtering views to toggle their inclusion/exclusion as indicated below in section (5).


5) Filtered Views: Show Files from Subfolders based on filtered views


Finally, we wish filtered views of subfolders displayed directory subfolder files based on the following permutations of inclusions and exclusions:


Toggle current subfolder or its children subfolders.

Toggle posted multimedia files from comments or its subfolders, as mentioned in section (4).

Toggle tags Any, Some, None, and All.

Toggle based on type file, folder, shortcut, comment.

Toggle based on item permissions, ownership, inheritance, activity.


Please note Drafts App, Wrike and AirTable showcase these features. But, we feel they belong in Dropbox first and foremost.






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Re: Subfolder Issues: Permissions, Multi-Parenting, Shortcuts, Tags, and their Views


Hey there @CrayzBrian, I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with this!


The thread that you linked there was most likely closed due to inactivity since the thread was started in 2017 and the OP had also accepted a solution.


We appreciate all the great feedback that you've given here, I can even suggest posting your requests for specific features within our dedicated area of the Community here.


This area allows us to track the feedback and support for ideas that you share with us that we can share with the dev team.


You may even find that someone has posted an idea before, but if not, then you can make a suggestion there. Please just bear in mind that there should be one idea per post rather than multiple ideas together.


If there's any questions that I can help with, please give me a nudge here. Cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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