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Suggestions to improve Paper Experience

Explorer | Level 4
I just would like to share to you some suggestions to improve Dropbox Paper. I just switched from Evernote as I would like to centralize all my cloud files on Dropbox. The Dropbox Paper solution is well designed for collaborating but I there are some features that will miss me. I list below some feedbacks and proposals to improve the experience. I hope some of them are currently in developement and I hope that the team will consider them 😉
  • Add ability to view papers when computer is offline (most important)
  • Add the ability to change the folder where the currently displayed note is saved (like in web app : “Move”)
  • Add in the sidebar a “folder explorer” in order to display/access folders where notes are saved (I use folders to organize my notes by subjects)
    • But keep the “sections” feature : it is a good way to access to the more important notes
  • Split the screen in two panels : left, with the list of .paper notes ; right display the content of the selected .paper note
  • Add Dark Mode
  • Add the ability to hide the “documents for tomorrow” section
  • Add Dark mode
  • Make sharing options more accessible (with an icon in the toolbar ??) 
  • Rationalize the design of the app : icons are useless in the home documents list as example ; in the toolbar of a note, you should better display more useful shortcuts than displaying photos 
  • Add the ability to change the folder where the currently displayed note is saved (like in web app : “Move”)
  • Add a “Folders” tab, for displaying all folders where notes are saved
  • Add a homepage for displaying the list of all .paper docs (and if possible the folders where they’re saved in) → like the desktop app
  • Add the possibility to define a default folder in Dropbox for saving .paper docs (not in the root folder !) 

Thank you 🙂


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Re: Suggestions to improve Paper Experience


Hey @floooowk, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here!

Your feedback is always important to us and I appreciate the time it took for you to put all of this into words and share it with everyone here, I've made a note of your comments.

Having the option to edit Paper docs while offline is something that is currently in review by our dev team, so I'd suggest giving this idea a vote to show your support.

You can also check out our "Paper ideas" section for any other posts that you'd like to give a vote to.

If you have any other questions, just give me a nudge here.


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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