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Tale of Caution for Syncing files

Tale of Caution for Syncing files

Explorer | Level 3

Accidentally synced my desktop with Dropbox when I was trying to create a shared directory. Immediately dropbox uploaded thousands of files and replaced my C:\User\Desktop with C:\Dropbox\User\Desktop. It broke every reference I had to those files outright. Worse yet, navigating to any of those folders showed it had the old directory (C:\User\Desktop) when it was really the dropbox directory it had decided to create secretly. So I had two desktops and no easy way to revert the changes within the program. I had to unlink my device and manually remap my file folders so that I could access them, and honestly I'm not sure if that fully solved the problem as I have no clue what else Dropbox did behind the scenes.

This kind of behavior very strongly mimics malware. I am incr edibly surprised that Dropbox would take it upon itself to so grossly alter core windows directories. I've been a user for six years but this literally caused me to remove dropbox from all my PCs and to transfer all my files locally until I can find another cloud solution that does not wreak havoc on my PC.

Word of the wise, if you plan to use the sync, be careful. I am sure that there are some great features and benefits to using Dropbox for file management, but doing these things without my permission or knowledge is completely unacceptable and I simply can not trust this software anymore. Everyone should be aware of this if they plan to use it. Best of luck

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Re: Tale of Caution for Syncing files

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Hello MarnelKelis

Thanks for posting here.  Sorry, you had issues with the new feature of Dropbox.  As a paid user, I personally don't like the feature.  But thanks for letting us know your thoughts.   Can I ask if you were working on the Desktop files that were backed inside of the Dropbox folder?  or did you work off the PC Desktop?  I am thinking if you were working off the backup folder, that would break things up a bit.  I personally think Dropbox should place a lock on it or at the very least put a big warning on when one attempts to mess with the Dropbox/Desktop files.

If you were working on your PC Desktop folder, it would sync changes to the files inside the Dropbox folder, and that's fine.  Let us know your workflow so we can see whats the problem is.



Good Luck


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