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The website user interface is unusable

The website user interface is unusable

Helpful | Level 5

I just got done spending one hour on a chat line trying to get my files restored from two days ago. It was a total nightmare, including having the support person tell me that my files that I work on every day were last updated 4 months ago and could not be recovered.

After that experience, I sent the following feedback to them. Do you agree that my points are valid?

Your web site to manage my files is COMPLETLY UNWORKABLE
Here are some of the problems I had to endure
1) I can not see folders, just thousands of files I have to somehow scroll through when trying to restore a folder
2) the chat help box is over the top of the buttons I need to press!!!!!!!!!!! DID ANYONE EVEN TEST THIS?
3) the events were not findable. not an obvious button. I had to type in a URL given to me by support
4) the chat box is way too small, I had to keep scrolling back. DID ANYONE TEST THIS WITH REAL PEOPLE?????
5) the text in the chatbox is grey on grey. How is anyone meant to read this? I have good eyes and I have problems reading this. TEST with real people??????
6) I have folders with thousands of files in them. How am I meant to scroll through them? There is massive wasted space so only a few files show up on the page
7) the suggested for you list contains files I have not even looked at for a year. the suggest for you list does NOT include my files and folders I worked on yesterday???????????????
The good news is that my subsecription is done in a week so I can cancel and move on to a company that actually tests their software will real people and makes sure it actually works.
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Re: The website user interface is unusable

Debby M.
Collaborator | Level 10

Totally agree @theNaturalist 
Also what is the point of having a website where you are supposed to be able to find files by Date Modified when the date doesn't show - just "--". I have no idea when anyone access or changes something and have had to ask all my clients to email me because I don't get notifications through the post or on the desktop app.
Plus - what is the point of having a home page that just says "Recents" instead of a date?

As you say - unusable.

need better interface for dropbox online

Helpful | Level 5

Most of my photos are online only, but it too hard to rename them or work with them online. I don't like all the options for sharing. All the controls are set up for sharing and there is little for managing the files. Its hard to find files, its hard to view them and I have to download to the computer if I want to alter them and its very diffucult. I don't share any files, I do not have a business account. Why do I have to deal with 1000s of way to share a file? You can share it here or there or make links to a file that you can email in 1000 different ways to dropbox users. I want a non sharing account and even if you don't make that change. The interface is badly in need of a complete overhaul.

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