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Uploads to my file request were added to a folder with the user's name instead of renaming the file.

Uploads to my file request were added to a folder with the user's name instead of renaming the file.

Helpful | Level 6

I get a lot of files sent to me via file request. I LOVE that uploaded files have been prepended with the uploader's name. makes it really really easy for me to mange my workflow and identify who sent me what.


Well today I get a fle request upload and I see that, instead of the uploader's name as part of the filename, Dropbox created a new folder with the uploader's name. And did not add the uploader's name to the filename.




Please tell me there's a preference buried somewhere that allows me to change the behaviour back? I get files from literally hundreds of folks, and to have these files nested inside of folders, and not identified with the uploader's name...will be a complete PITA.



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Accepted Solutions

Re: Uploads to my file request were added to a folder with the user's name instead of renaming the f

Community Manager

Hi all,

Thank you all for your feedback on this change. We hear you, and we've taken the decision to revert this change as of 22 July.


As always, we appreciate your feedback and questions. Thank you for helping us make Dropbox better.

If you have any questions please let us know.

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Re: HATE the new File Request file naming behavior!


Hey there @twindux, I hope you're having a good day so far!


What you mentioned is rather strange indeed, I wasn't able to replicate this myself on my side.


Can you let me know if this is occurring for all uploads to your file requests or just one link in particular?


If you could test it out by uploading a few files to your link through an incognito window, do you get the same behaviour?


Let me know and we can go from there!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: HATE the new File Request file naming behavior!

Helpful | Level 6

@Daphne Thanks for the reply.



I tried it just now with three different file requests and several different uploader "names"...

  • rich twindux
  • twindux
  • incognito
  • 8th annex

...each using an incognito each cases, when uploading a single file to each of the file request links, it created a new folder in the name of the uploader as entered on the upload screen. See screenshots from the Dropbox menu extra on my Mac, and from the folders created in my filesystem.


Two different file requests. Literally on Wednesday it was working as per the old behavior....the file would be named <UploaderName>-filename.ext.


Up until today, I've received literally thousands of file request uploads that way...


Now the UploaderName is a foldername, and the filename has nothing prepended.



Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.31.07 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.16.42 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.16.27 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.30.53 PM.jpg

Submitted files grouping into folders

Explorer | Level 4

I have a Dropbox folder that has been used for a few months now where students submit their documents to my department. Today I noticied 29 student names have been grouped by folder with 1 or more files in each student folder. Is there a reason these students are now being grouped by folder? And is there a way to ungroup and have documents as individual files just like it was before?  When files are grouped by folder, it makes it difficult to download all the files in my folder. I would have to individually click on each student and download each file. Please kindly advise. 



Re: HATE the new File Request file naming behavior!

New member | Level 2

Hi Daphne,


I too am getting the same new behavior as the OP.


These nested folders with the uploader's name, but the files without the Uploader's name is really throwing my workflow off. It makes it very difficult to manage with all these new folders - I cannot easily see the files that have come in, as well as having to go in an rename all the files to add the Uploaders' names.


I have seen another thread where others have requested that the file names not be changed, but adding folders is not the answer I think either camp is looking for.


What would be GREAT is options when we set up our File Request link. Do you want to prepend file name with Uploader's name - Y/N? Do you want to group multiple uploaded files into a folder - Y/N?


The issue for all of us is that this feature has been around a long time with a very specific behaviors, and now they are being changed without notice, and without option. Change is frustrating. Options are good.

Re: HATE the new File Request file naming behavior!

Helpful | Level 6

Totally agree with @PyFi ...make it a preference. I mean, I could totally see a workflow based around folders, but as it is, if I get 100 files from 100 people, I have no easy way to keep an uploader identifier on/with the file itself.

But this new behaviour is gonna absolutely kill my workflow with no simple way to work around it.

Uploading files to a shared folder using a link

New member | Level 2


Can anyone please help me? I set up a shared folder so that people could upload their own photograph and I sent people a link to the shared folder. When I tested the link, it worked well and people could add their name to the file they uploaded. All of the uploaded photographs went into the shared folder and their photo file was labelled with their name followed by the code that their camera had assigned to the photo file. I could therefore identify who uploaded each photograph and scroll through the photographs.


Once it was all working, I then deleted the test photographs in the shared folder and sent more people the same upload link. Using the link people have now uploaded their own photograph to my shared folder. However, what has happened is that dropbox now puts each uploaded photograph into its own folder. Each folder has the name of the person who uploaded it and the file inside the folder has the original camera code. When I view my shared file I therefore see a list of folders, each one labelled with the person’s name that uploaded it and inside each folder is the uploaded photograph.

Is there anyway please of going to back to what I had before where all uploaded photographs are in one folder and each photo file name includes the name of the person who uploaded it?

Thank you, RodCoo

Re: Uploads to my file request were added to a folder with the user's name instead of renaming the f

Helpful | Level 5

My team also has several file requests that are each months old and frequently used, and we noticed this behavior beginning this week. 


We would love to get this resolved as quick as possible as we have internal tools that depend on consistency. 


Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks! 

Re: HATE the new File Request file naming behavior!

Helpful | Level 6

@Daphne So clearly Dropbox has changed the file naming protocol for uploaded files via File Request...and it's not proving popular in this thread. Any word on why this random change was made and when we're going to be able to revert to the prior behaviour?

File Requests Now Create Subfolders -- Sometimes?

Explorer | Level 4

I have been using a single file request to collect image files from my photography club members on a monthly basis.  Until recently, the submitters' names are appended (actually "prepended") to the file names, and the image files are all in a single Dropbox folder.  I delete the files every month in preparation for the next month submissions.  Recently, SOME of the submissions are found in newly created (by Dropbox) subfolders named for the submitters, but the submitted file names are not prepended with the submitters' names.  Is there a way to restore the previous behavior of my file requests? (Submitter name prepended, but no subfolders created)


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