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Video link access issue.

Video link access issue.

New member | Level 2



This is the first time I post a message here.

I subscribed to an online e-learning and the company is providing Dropbox link to access the training videos.

Although the links seems to work the video are not displaying properly.

I can barely see the first 10 secondes before it is freezing.

Even on mobile app I have same issue.

Computer is Surface Pro 3, with window 10 and my internet speed is 1 GB, so it doesn't come from there, does it?

How can I solve this issue? One more thing, I can only access these links on line, I don't have the right to save its content on my computer.

I would appreciate for your support and advices.


Best regards.



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Re: Video link access issue.

Super User II

You need to speak to the company that you are paying I'm afraid for help - it sounds like theres an issue with the files. 


In terms of saving the files it is possible they've removed the rights to download the files.


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