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Re: Cannot pause synchronization after update

Able to pause syncing

Ben W.37
New member | Level 2

Dropbox has taken away yoru ability to control when your system syncs to dropbox. Well they have given you 3 options 1/2 hour, 1 hour or until 8am tomorrow. Problem is dropbox causes an overhead that interupts other work that I do. So now the only way I can control syncing is to quit dropbox. Thats right - 'as recommended by their help desk' -  close dropbox all togeather. This must be one of the dumbest 'new features' of all time - 'in order to fix your problem Sir - stop using the system'.


Ok - 'new feature idea'  - allow the user to pause syncing for as long as they like. 


I would suggest that this idea makes the 'new feature' list ASAP as my permiante solution is to stop using dropbox all togeather. That is a small step from quitting the application which I have already done.


Re: Cannot pause synchronization after update

Helpful | Level 6

Hi Daphne,


Unfortunately your response does not resolve the issue that we're having.

We ALL need the ability to PAUSE SYNC INDEFINITELY for multiple reasons - metered connection, multiple colaborations, etc.


Obviously, Dropbox did not consult US before making this radical change.

It appears that Dropbox does not intend to add this feature back after looking at the start of this post until now.


I have started testing Dropbox Alternatives and will terminate my subscription when a viable candidate is picked.

It will be a sad goodbye - I've been using Dropbox since its inception.



Re: Cannot pause synchronization after update

Helpful | Level 6

This is ridiculous.


How hard is it to add a fourth option for "Until I turn it back on?"


As a Dropbox shareholder, I don't know if I should just sell all my shares since Dropbox is most likely a sinking ship with people who made this change in charge, (and clearly people are terminating their subscriptions over it), or if I should see how many shares I need to buy to have the ability fire those involved.


It's really too bad. I bought in during the IPO because I use Dropbox, and I like the product, but now it's unusable.

Restore Ability to Pause Sync Indefinitely

Explorer | Level 4

A recent update to the Windows version of Dropbox has removed the ability to pause sync indefinitely. Please restore this feature as it is essential to my daily use and that of many other users.

Re: Where is the pause function on the desktop app? Can we revert it?

Explorer | Level 4

I also need the pause forever option. Or as it used to be called "pause". Please return this functionality. I work for UCSD and have used dropbox for many years. It has been very reliable so I have been very happy with the product, but if this functionality does not return quickly I will stop paying for Dropbox and use one of the many other file sharing services now available.

Re: Where is the pause function on the desktop app? Can we revert it?

Helpful | Level 6

Just adding my voice to the ridiculous number of people that hate needlessly changing the UI here. My muscle memory to pause Dropbox is already baked in, you've gained nothing by not letting me just click the pause button and have it pause. Put it back.

Re: Where is the pause function on the desktop app? Can we revert it?

Helpful | Level 6


Re: Where is the pause function on the desktop app? Can we revert it?

New member | Level 2
Is there any way to use a keyboard shortcut to pause/unpause?

Allow indefinite pause syncing

Explorer | Level 4

Dropbox removed functionality from the desktop app! Now, to pause indefinitely you have to quit the entire program, which is ridiculous. 


The pause button used to be either:

- Pause (indefinitely)

- Resume

Now it is:

- Pause (30 minutes)

- Pause (1 hour) 

- Pause (until tomorrow)

- Resume. 

You removed the functionality to pause indefinitely. Please return that functionality. If that is not possible under the new UI, then there is a problem with your new UI. 

Re: Where is the pause function on the desktop app? Can we revert it?

Helpful | Level 5
I've come up with a simple solution for Windows 10 Users (hopefully temporarily untill Dropbox adds the "Pause indefinite" button to the UI). It'll probably work on other Windows versions as well, but I have no means of testing it.

Essentially it adds a firewall rule to Windows Defender Firewall that blocks Dropbox from making an outbound connection to the internet (pausing it). If the blockade is removed Dropbox will be "unpaused".

Here are the steps to make this happen:

1). Create two new text files. One called DropboxPause.txt and the other called DropboxUnpause.txt. You can easily create the files by right clicking in a folder > New > Text Document.

2). Open DropboxPause.txt and copy-pase the following line in it:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="DropboxBlock" dir=out action=block program="C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe" enable=yes

3). Save the DropboxPause.txt as a New File and call it: DropboxPause.cmd (extention .cmd instead of .txt)

4). Open DropboxUnpause.txt and copy-paste the following line in it:

netsh advfirewall firewall Delete rule name="DropboxBlock"

5). Save the DropboxUnpause.txt as a New File and call it: DropboxUnpause.cmd (extention .cmd instead of .txt)

6). Remove both .txt files. Only the .cmd files will be needed.

7). If you want Dropbox to pause just open the Dropboxpause.cmd by right clicking on it and clicking "Run as administrator". Click Yes in the prompt that follows. Dropbox is now Paused.

8 ). You can unpause Dropbox by right clicking DropboxUnpause.cmd and "Run as administrator".

Hope it'll work as a temporary fix.
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