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Why did my deleted files reappear after deleting them?


Why did my deleted files reappear after deleting them?

New member | Level 2


My dropbox was full, so I went on line using my secondary windows computer and deleted a ton of files that i no longer needed.  When my mac laptop came back from the shop after being repaired, all of the files that i deleted started resyncing when I started dropbox on my mac. 


I am really frustrated as I spent hours doing this and now they are all back, my dropbox is full and I cannnot use it.  I really do not like dropbox.  Is there a solution?  I worked on some files yesterday that I needed and now they won't sync becuase the dropbox is full.  Also the other person who shares my dropbox deleted files and they resurfaced too.


What is the deal? How do I get these to synch?



Anyone use any other file sharing services that they like ?

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Re: Deleting files


Hey there @nksheley, thanks for checking in with us. 


In general, when you delete files or folders, they may not immediately disappear from every synced device.


For example, if you have a synced computer running an app that's using the file, that may trigger the file to reappear in your Dropbox account. Another possibility, if you’re seeing a shared content reappear after deletion, it may be that a person you shared it with is accessing it or restored it.


You can check to see if another computer or person is accessing a file by having a look at the previous versions of the file.


If you find that the files that reappear were from an app on another computer, you can delete it off of that computer to stop it from showing up in your Dropbox account.


I hope this helps to some extent, but let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Deleted files reappearing

New member | Level 2

I have the same issue.  I have Dropbox on the Quick Access list in Windows File Explorer.  It's a lot easier to manipulate files there than on, so I really loved the ability to access them right from File Explorer.  A few weeks ago I deleted a bunch of files and also moved some to different folders.  After about a minute, the files reappeared in the original folder.  The ones I moved were still in the new destination folder, but also in the original folder.  I tried making the same deletions and moves from within the folders on, but the same thing happens.  


Also, when I open up an Excel file in DB or in the DB folder in File Explorer and save it with my changes, it adds "conflicted copy" and the date to the filename.


This is all very frustrating.  It was all working nicely, but now I'm back to saving all my files offline while making changes and then just uploading the final copy to DB when I'm done. 

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