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Why do actions keep moving places and are so hidden?

Why do actions keep moving places and are so hidden?

New member | Level 2

I'm trying to make sense of this weird UX in Dropbox web, which makes it frustrating and unusuable. I mean how come there are almost 4 different types of actions packed and situationaly appear and disappear on selection at the same area?


1 - When you select item, right panel actions disappear when you need a list of action the most. Why isn't there an action bar on Top and Bottom or something?


2- Let's say that right panel is the ''folder action'' area. Then why disappear that area and keeping it empty? Folder is still a folder.

InkedScreenshot 2020-12-02 221323_LI.jpg


3- If it IS a folder actions area, then why the Selected File actions are STILL on the right? And why are they hidden, instead of at least replacing those folder actions?? 

InkedScreenshot 2020-12-02 221456_LI.jpg

4- Wouldn't that dot-dot-dot menu made more sense if it was actually on the selected item if it's already the same pattern? (Dropdown)




5 - On selection, you don't have the actions on the list, but they are on the right. If you deselect it, you have it, but you don't have it on the right this time. How was this decision got validated? 


selected.pngWhen I delselect, THERE THEY ARE AGAINWhen I delselect, THERE THEY ARE AGAIN


6-  What about this real estate? Seems like a good area for situational actions to me. Strange.




Download would be nice but rather repeat the same actions here.


Select 2 and now it's a totally different pattern.



As a user, it is too much conditional patterns to keep in mind, and very inconsistent at that for something so simple.


I'm using this for years, and still correcting myself to get to know this pattern each time I operate on this UI. It is surprisingly confusing for such a straightforward thing. It's been a long while now and I can't believe no one picked on these and improved.



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Re: Why do actions keep moving places and are so hidden?


Hi there @Textfield, thanks for dropping by and for sharing all your thoughts with us! 


I understand that you don't find some of our website's functionalities convenient, so thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. 


Also, if you have any specific ideas on new features that you'd like to see in the future, you can post them in this section of the Dropbox Community. 


There, other like-minded users can comment and upvote!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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