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Windows 10 Favorites - not updating

Windows 10 Favorites - not updating

New member | Level 2



we use dropbox business in our team on MacOS and Windows 10.

In the windows explorer sidebar I have linked many favourite folders of currently active projects.

If somebody moves/renames one of these project folders within dropbox Windows syncs the name but does not update the favourite.

It will say the folder does not exist and I have to delete it and relink it which is very anoying.


Now when moving them within windows 10 it updates the link.


I don't know if this is something dropbox can influence or if it is a windows bug,

but please fix it.



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Re: Windows 10 Favorites - not updating


Hi @JE24, thanks for messaging today!


This sounds like it's more of an OS-related matter, since it's File Explorer in Windows that isn't updating to show the correct data.


You could try contacting Microsoft for further assistance to see if this behavior can be changed.


Hope this helps to clarify matters!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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