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Windows refuse to sync OGG files

Windows refuse to sync OGG files

New member | Level 2

Hello All,


I have a weird situation with my OGG files. I have created a bunch of audio recordings in my linux machine. The files is in OGG format. I have put them in a Dropbox folder on my linux machine.


The folder and the files were uploaded without any problem. I can see them through Dropbox web in my linux machine.


However, the files did not go through to my Windows 10 machine. The folder containing the OGG files is there, but it is empty. All the OGG files did not come through with sync.


I confirm that the files is all there in Dropbox. I can see it through the web interface on my Windows machine. But they are not synced on my Windows 10 machine, for whatever reason.


No, the folder is not on the selective sync folder. I have tried this twice on two different folders, with the same result.


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Windows refuse to sync OGG files

Super Collaborator | Level 20

Hi @erydjunaedy ,

Be careful with the file names. Windows is relatively restrictive about acceptable symbols in a file/folder name! Are you sure all used symbols are acceptable in Windows environment? 🧐 Try create a dummy text file on your machine with same name as some problematic file (just different extension). Error message will show you what exactly is going wrong. 😉

Hope this helps.

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