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Xmas 2018 - A note from a Super User Alumni

Xmas 2018 - A note from a Super User Alumni

Super User alumni
Super User alumni

As I often do, I want to take the time to be thankful for another year. 

This past year I was able to revive a relationship with my daughter whom I had not seen in many years. Realised, I am a grandfather and my daughter has 2 wondrful kids. I was able to meet both her and the kids several months ago. That was a joyous occasion. My eldest son, was married a few months ago and now he and his wife are expecting a baby. I received all kinds of monumentous gifts this year.

I was blessed with another year on this earth after being diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago.

I am blessed to still have 3 kids and a wonderful wife at home, and 12 fur babies too.

So as this Xmas falls on me and I begin another year. I wonder what joys it has for me. It could be many sorrows too, but you have to look past those even if its hard to do.

My mother past away 3 years ago tomorrow, and what I am sorry about is she was never able to meet her great grandkids. However, we have made sure to try and let them know all they can about her, from pictures and videos.  We take joy in knowing she would truly have loved meeting them.

How can I spread joy to others this year. Well, we went and adopted another rescue dog. Welcome Oreo to the family!

So what about the people, I am trying to simply find the good things in people each day. If you read the news, it seems there is always something bad going on. You have to look past the bad, and find the good. Good and Bad go hand in hand, without good, you wouldnt know bad, and vise versa.

This year I am not about presents, its never really about the presents. We purpously try to get the kids any presents at other times of the year. They have a few things on xmas. However we try to teach them, that this time of year it's all about friends and family. Even friends you just made! Even a stranger in need! Whats a stranger, but a friend you just havent met.

Its about the connection to the other people. A genuine connection. So don't let another year slip by rekindle a lost relationship or start a new one. That special person, you havent talked to, could be to scared to talk to you, and waiting on you for that first move. 

Poeple are not your thing, I get it. So what do you do ? Go out and adopt a pet! I like my dogs more than most people. :D

All the shelters are full this year and many are high kill. Take the holidays and bring home a new furry friend. Just know its a life long commitment. You should not adopt and return a pet like a Walmart gift. This causes stress and undue harm to the animal. Make a commitment and provide that furever home. 

They can live many years I have a couple whom are 14+ years old now and they are still going stong.  One is even looking at me as I wrote this asking for a head pat. 

With that I’ll go scratch his head a bit and enjoy this truly wonderful time of the year...........


Oh one other parting thought, this really has nothing to do with Xmas specifically. This is just one of the times of year I have a chance to slow down and reflect on the past year.

You can extend these things, to any holiday, any day, any night. Its not about what holiday I celbrate, or the one you celebrate. Its all about the coming together to make this a better world. All our lives are interconnected, you'll be surprised what happens if go outside your comfort zone even just a little.

You never know that new friend, old friend,  fur baby, or any person, could change your life in the next year. So what are you waiting for get going!

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Re: Xmas 2018

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

My dog has changed my life too; I know where you're coming from! She was losing her home to divorce and ended up finding a forever home with us and I cannot picture our lives without her!

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