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New member | Level 2

Hi, I have a Mac Pro that is nearly full and storing my files on Dropbox, and I have two problems. First, I am using SmartSync on every folder,  but it still counts against my hard drive storage, which is very frustrating but seems consistent with everything I have found by searching help. I am thinking of buying an external hard drive to store my local copy of Dropbox files, which seems silly but what else is there to do.


But, secondly, there is a folder in the Library named com.dropbox.chime.electron/PaperData/Bundles that is more than 50GB. There are hundreds of folders in here with small files in them; the folders have names like bundle_1585097575.60 There are small documents in here, including javascript files and other things that I can't identify.  Do you have any idea what these are and can I throw them away?  This would at least buy me some time to figure out how to get the syncing issue resolved. Maybe it's not a dropbox issue, except it's showing up in the name of the folder.


thank you very much in advance, especially for not calling me an idiot  

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Re: com.dropbox.chime.electron


Hi there @koko63, thanks for dropping by. 


Since you've enabled Smart Sync on your files, could you send us a screenshot showing the storage discrepancy so that we have a better visual of what you're seeing?


If you have any trouble attaching an image, you can send it to us as a shared link, instead. 


As for your second question, it sounds like the files you're seeing are cache files. 


Could you just clarify for me if they are inside your Dropbox folder?


Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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