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A way to track bandwidth from shared links

A way to track bandwidth from shared links

Helpful | Level 5

I am using dropbox plus and getting a daily bandwidth limit of 200GB. Two days before I got an mail stating all my public links are suspended temporarily without any prior notification. It is really annoying to suspend links without any notification to plus customers. If we get a notification at 90% or reaching 180GB, we will change links to another source. Now all my links are banned for more than 48 hours. I access all my documents also with direct links which never consumes any bandwidth. Now I can't access that too without login. Don't know when the links will work. I don't have any track on the usage of bandwidth limit in my account to track which link using more bandwidth, what time, etc? At least give such option it to plus, professional and business customers. 

Collaborator | Level 8

I agree. If you impose a limit, you should make users aware of this limit in advance. Also a user should be given an option to keep track of this limit. 

Just because most users don't hit this limit often, doesn't mean it's not imortant for them to be aware of it. 


This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Explorer | Level 4

We need to know, LIVE Notification how much limited data transfer perDay for owner file
This is will be help OWNER to view trafics of data/file to reduce BLOCK File by Dropbox

I got dropbox trouble, and i cannt find the reason but i dont have big traffic data

Patrick R.8
New member | Level 2

Totally agree, Never know how much BW has been used and when you are getting close. This connected well with the Limiting of URL downloads by allowing users to set a limit on the number of times a shared URL file can be downloaded.


New member | Level 2
Hello everyone, as an event photographer who uses dropbox to share my photos via link share, i ran into my first banned link because of exceeding the bandwith limit, i would love to see an option to track my current traffic usage, and maybe an option to stop or limiting downloads until daily traffic reset before running into a link ban, for 24/48/72 hours. It would make shared links more stable and reliable.
Thanks for reading through, i'm curious about your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your idea, while we can’t take every idea forward we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes!

Status changed to: Not for right now
New member | Level 2

I totally agree. I'm in the same situation, and I would love to have received an email saying "your shared links bandwidth quota is about to expire" at some meaningful threshold (say, 75%: I think 90% is already too far). After all we have no real control on how other people use our links, so a warning it's the bare minimum Dropbox can do...


Plus: now I have to delete manually hundreds and hundreds of links from the web browser. There should be a way to select them all and delete them!

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