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Ability to set custom images for folder icons

Ability to set custom images for folder icons

Helpful | Level 6


We have a need to be able to set custom image for folder. Our use case:
- there are several flash drives
- we want to upload content of each one to separate folder on Dropbox to get rid of this bunch of drives
- we need to quickly identify what flash drive a Dropbox folder corresponds to

The best way is to have a photo of a flash drive as the folder thumbnail. Right now we put photos inside folders, but obviously it's not convenient.

I suppose to support custom thumbnails in the web UI is pretty simple. But I also think it's not a problem for Windows since you already draw custom overlay images over folders and files (green mark, blue sync mark and so on). So I think there is API in Windows too.

Explorer | Level 4

YES!!! This has SERIOUSLY messed up my workflow. Why the hell does DB need to override user-designated icons? And no, you don't need to do it for the 'status badge.' I have status badges on lots of icons that retain their base image. A badge is literally an overlay, NOT a replacement icon. At least make it optional! I was reading some support posts, and it was said it was just 'shared' folders? Uh, no... it's all of them, anywhere. And it sucks! Fix this!

KLG Design
New member | Level 2

This is essential not only for individuals but also for large teams within companies that have been waiting for YEARS for this to be implemented. For Macs, it would be as easy as allowing an option to tell Dropbox to sync the .DS_Store file.


I am certain it can be solved by setting an Automator action, but this is not how we are supposed to do it. Dropbox please fix!


This idea is going to need a bit more support before we share your suggestion with our team. 


We’ve updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Explorer | Level 3

Currently the app only shows a plain blue folder for everything. With so many different folders, it can sometimes be difficult to find what I'm looking for with just folder names alone. 


It would be nice to have the ability to select certain folders to show a summary of what's inside of each folder (similar to how it is on Windows 10) Or divide the current blue folder icon into 4 sections, with each section showing a sample image of what's inside (so a total of 4 sample images)


I understand some people may not like this feature due to privacy concerns, so I think it would be best to make this an opt-in feature. Where you can select specific folders to show thumbnails. 



Explorer | Level 3

This is a much needed feature, especially Dropbox is supposed to be a feasible small business server alternative.