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Accountability for downloaded URL shares.

Accountability for downloaded URL shares.

New member | Level 2

I would like to see an option that would show the number of times a shared folder or file has been downloaded.

Once a URL is created for a file or folder, I need a way to determine how many times it has been downloaded from that shared URL.

It would also be nice to have a way to suspend a URL once a given number of downloads has been reached.

Once a URL is suspended, notice should send, History updated and allow the URL to be reactivated by updating the limit to a higher number.

This will prevent Viral distribution by users sharing or publishing the URL to others.



A Shared URL is created for a file.

A limit is set to allow download 10 times.

On the 10th download the URL is suspended, notice is sent to the box owner and an entry is made to the History.

If the box owner decides to allow more people to download the file, all that needs to be done is increase the Download limit from 10 to something greater. 

The process repeats until the new limit is reached.

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Hey @Patrick R.8; thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


I'm marking for idea for more votes as it'll need some additional support before we cn share your suggestions with the team.


In the meantime, have you heard about the traffic and insights feature?


I think it's very close to what you had in mind, so please feel free to take a look! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
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