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Adaptable width columns in website browser

Adaptable width columns in website browser

Gideon M.1
New member | Level 2

I really would like to see the posibility to adjust the width of the file name column in my browser. Very annoying this fixed width and filenames with ... in the middle.


Thanks for the feedback Gideon - I'll pass it on internally.

Darrel S.1
New member | Level 1

How do you change column widths in Dropbox? We can't see the entire file name at once. I know you can mouse over the name and you get a floating window, but that's a long way from being able to look at dozens of COMPLETE file names to check for the right one, duplicates, difference, etc.

Lana P.1

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, there is no way of changing the column widths in Dropbox. The only solution is the one you're using - putting your mouse on the name.

As we are try to improve our product, I'll forward your feedback to out dedicated team.

Apologies for any inconvenience, but I hope this information helps. Have a great day!


Kris N.3
Explorer | Level 4

I emphatically vote for this improvement as well. Hovering over each file name, waiting for the name to pop up, trying to remember exactly what it was, and then hovering over another file to see what's different is a PAIN.

Jan C.14
New member | Level 1

Hi, what's the status of this request? I also find the abbreviation of about every filename in my filelist most annoying. 

And to be clear: In pretty much every other way Dropbox is a great app!



Christopher W.16
New member | Level 1

Yes, especially when one is paying for it .. come on Dropbox

Premier R.
New member | Level 1

Please post the status of this request.  The file name and other columns need to have adjustable width.  I have blank space taken up by "shared with" column that i don't use, and all of my file names are abbreviated so I can't see them without hovering the cursor over them.  Please fix so we can adjust our column views.


Super User II

Please post the status of this request.

Dropbox does not post the ETA of new features. The first we'll hear of it is when it's released, assuming they even plan to.

Collaborator | Level 8

For those that are tired of abbreviated file names or simply want to browse their Dropbox (DB) folders and see a much wider filename column, I humbly suggest they use the insanely great cloud management service: Otixo.

Otixo lets you browse your DB folders with each row for a file displaying it's filename, if it's shared, modified date and time, file size, and even file type. All without you having to hover the mouse over anything. Plus, with a click you can view all the files in that folder in order from A to Z or in reverse order Z to A. At the bottom of the screen it even tells you how many files are in that folder.

Although the width isn't really adjustable either, it's wide enough for most files. Here's a screenshot of one of my DB folders. The most important info about each file is clearly seen.

<p>As if that wasn't enough, Otixo will let you copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox, Dropbox to Flickr, and just about everything inbetween. Well over 35 popular online services are supported and it copies files far faster than uploading them to a service.</p>
<p>While there's far more that Otixo can do for you I'm sure it will at the very least display the full names of all your files. Feel free to visit their website, read through all the info and FAQ until you're satisfied, and sign up for a free account to try them out. It won't be long before you seriously consider upgrading.</p>
<p>As for how much, here's their current prices:</p>
<p><img src=

I'm guessing after five minutes of using it, searching through and organizing and copying and pasting all your files and folders across multiple online services, you'll be laughing so hard how fun it is that you'll gladly give them money. At only $1 a month I'm still laughing.

Ahem, in a good way lol. 

Tommy T.
New member | Level 2

This is ridiculous! I can't find a way to see the whole file name in Dropbox online!! How do I know what the Hell file I'm looking at!!  Holding the mouse over the file name does not work on my system either!! Please fix this!!!

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