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Add option to disable icon overlays in Windows Explorer

Add option to disable icon overlays in Windows Explorer

Helpful | Level 6

Please add an option to disable Dropbox icon overlays. It is so frustrating to remove Dropbox Shell Icon identifiers from the top of ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers list after each update! 

It is disrespectful to users to decide for them which overlays they need. 

I'm using TortoiseGit and I really need its overlays, they are useful and important for my work. Every time Dropbox updates I can no longer see status icons and have to go to Registry editor and remove newly added and USELESS Dropbox overlays.

I've seen dozens of feature requests from Dropbox users for many years but Dropbox pretends everything is fine!

Helpful | Level 5

Dear Dropbox Development Team,


How many times do paying customers need to hit you over the head with the problem about messing with user selected Windows folder icons? How many?  Apparently whatever WE do as a community has no effect on motivating you to get this problem fixed. I have been a Dropbox customer for about five years! Yep, five years. During that time you still DO NOTHING.


ONE SIMPLE REQUEST. Wake up!! As a community we should all post a request (thousands per day), and just inundate you with the same request, until you fix the problem. How about it community! I depend on tools like this to di my job everyday. I don't need any dead weight to make my job any harder than it is!!! Get cracking!!

Explorer | Level 3

I will just delete my account and stop supporting them, and migrate to my cloud.


I refuse to let anyone tell me "what is best for me", with their petty ignorance.

Helpful | Level 6

@stdedos several annoyed people mean nothing to Dropbox. But dozens of their shouts in this thread can do a job.
Thank you for your attention. Please consider voting up and sharing this idea.

Explorer | Level 3

I think it's more powerful if dozens cancel their accounts to shouting.


But I guess that's just me.

Helpful | Level 6

@stdedos you're not the only person in this thread who thinks cancelling account is the only option. 
I thought like you too but now I want to try different approach. 
Please vote this idea up and share link to it wherever you find it appropriate 

Explorer | Level 3

Bullies respond only to strength

Explorer | Level 4

This idea now apperas in the 'Top voted ideas from the Community' section.

Is this enough to forward it to the dev team, if not, how many votes does it need?




Explorer | Level 4

It'd be nice to find out what the criteria are...  A quick look through the Ideas section reveals that some suggestions get implemented after only 3 or 4 votes whereas others can have scores of votes but still show up as Needs more votes


Does the voting system even count for anything..?

Explorer | Level 4



Another concerned group of users would benefit from the ability to disable overlays - it also renders windows explorer file management nearly unusable for many of us:

Explorer | Level 4


While Dropbox fixes this problem for years, you can use my script...


You can delete some or all popular invaders with comma separated list.


For all

set SIOIFolders=%SIOIDropBox%,%SIOIAcronis%,%SIOIOneDrive%,%SIOINextCloud%,%SIOIGDrive%



For dropbox only

set SIOIFolders=%SIOIDropBox%


Run with Administrative privileges



@echo off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion

rem ------------------------------------
echo ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers cleaner

rem ------------------------------------
set SIOIRoot=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers
set SIOIDropBox=DropboxExt01,DropboxExt02,DropboxExt03,DropboxExt04,DropboxExt05,DropboxExt06,DropboxExt07,DropboxExt08,DropboxExt09,DropboxExt10
set SIOIOneDrive=OneDrive1,OneDrive2,OneDrive3,OneDrive4,OneDrive5,OneDrive6,OneDrive7,SkyDrivePro1,SkyDrivePro2
set SIOINextCloud=OCError,OCOK,OCOKShared,OCSync,OCWarning
set SIOIGDrive=GoogleDriveBlacklisted,GoogleDriveSynced,GoogleDriveSyncing
set SIOIAcronis=AcronisSyncError,AcronisSyncInProgress,AcronisyncOk

set SIOIFolders=%SIOIDropBox%,%SIOIAcronis%
for %%i in (%SIOIFolders DO call :fnDeleteKey "%%i"

echo Restarting Explorer...
taskkill /im explorer.exe /f >nul 2>&1

goto Quit

rem ------------------------------------
set "CharSpace= "
set "SIOISpacer="
set "SIOIPath="

set SIOIKey=%~1
echo ^> Removing key: %SIOIKey%
for /L %%b in (0,1,5) do (
set SIOIPath=%SIOIRoot%\!SIOISpacer!%SIOIKey%
set SIOISpacer=!SIOISpacer!%CharSpace%
reg DELETE "!SIOIPath!" /reg:32 /f >nul 2>&1
reg DELETE "!SIOIPath!" /reg:64 /f >nul 2>&1

Exit /B

rem ------------------------------------
Exit /B



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