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Addition of a GPU-acceleration disabling option

Addition of a GPU-acceleration disabling option

Explorer | Level 3

How about add HW acceleration on-off option?

In my computer, Dropbox UI and badge is displayed blurry. (only exception of Setting window.)

Explorer | Level 4

Issue: Dropbox UI on a remote computer is not rendered while accessing the remote computer via third-party remote access (e.g. Teamviewer, Google remote desktop). The remote computer is running win10.

Impact: The issue prevents users to provide remote support in businesses. The issue also prevents individual users from remotely managing synchronization options across different computers. This issue is especially critical since is Dropbox is promoting 2TB subscriptions which potential usages include using as a cloud backup solution.

Suggestion: Adding an option for disabling hardware acceleration should fix the issue.


This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

NOT ONLY is the hardware acceleration causing issues with remote support, which is horrible enough in itself... it also causes issues when running virtual machines on VMware.


Newest, UNFORGIVABLE issue though is my latest install on an upgraded mac, Dropbox simply CRASHES nonstop due to graphics issues...


[0219/] Unable to move cache folder GPUCache to old_GPUCache_000
[0219/] Unable to create cache
[0219/] Shader Cache Creation failed: -2


I don't think flashy notifications do anything worthwhile for the performance and appeal of dropbox. Focus on the foundation again please...
Too much mickey mouse is not helpful. Stick to quality an efficiency. 

New member | Level 2

Yes, the GPU acceleration in Dropbox relies upon OpenGL, and in VMware Workstation versions prior to 16.x, that FAILS, so that the Dropbox menus are semi-transparent and nearly impossible to read against light backgrounds.  In Workstation 16.x, certain versions of the VMware Tools (e.g., the latest version as of this writing), ALSO cause Dropbox to fail to recognize the available OpenGL 4.1 implementation for acceleration under Workstation.  So, DEFINITELY, we DO need a switch whereby Dropbox's reliance upon GPU Acceleration can be turned OFF!  I have personally wrestled with this issue for years, and under Workstation 16.x, the latest version, it remains a problem!  The only other application I know about that has similar issues is Movavi Video Suite 2020's main application interface, where it is necessary to choose a SOFTWARE implementation of OpenGL for use, rather than the default GPU hardware version, as the latter again causes transparency issues with the menu.


Thank you for your idea, while we can’t take every idea forward we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes!

Status changed to: Not for right now
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